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This website is about three great maps, one of The English Lake District, one featuring the Munros of Scotland and the newly created Snowmotion focussing on Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. Tubular Fells, blends the iconic work of Alfred Wainwright and Harry Beck, the designer of the London Tube map.  Using the same formula, MunrOverground has been created to map the Scottish Munros in the same topological way, but this time looking more like an overground rail network.  Snowmotion again follows topological technique and even includes the famous 'little railways' of the mountains.  This site isn't just about selling the maps, but there are also pages including background information on topology, transport in Lakeland, Fix the Fells, The John Muir Trust and Scottish and Welsh Mountain Rescue (who will benefit from sales) and a whole batch of free gear in 'Free from the Fells'.

A fight broke out after the first map arrived, so have had to buy another to keep the peace!!!
Sheila Lawrence

The vary latest information concerning sales' offers, updates and Tubular Fells in the news!

Here you'll find out what inspired the map, as well as lots more information about the creator, topology, the map's specification & press release.

The map was inspired by the fells.  Go out and explore the Lakeland fells with these exciting and extraordinary walks as well as other information pertaining to the map.