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brian-burgessThe Tubular Fells map and website is dedicated to my late father, Brian Burgess, a man of many interests and with a love of the outdoors for all of his life, who passed away on 8th July 2010.  An aircraft engineer by trade, Brian saw Tubular Fells go to print and had the pleasure of seeing the map before his untimely death at the age of 77 years.  I am indebted to my father for the skills he taught me and for giving me the enthusiasm to finish this project.

Mitchell Wylie with his wife Amy at the 1938 Empire Exhibition, GlasgowIn light of the completion of MunrOverground, I have decided to dedicate the Scottish map to my late grandfather (my mother's dad).  A Glaswegian by birth and a keen advocate for the outdoors, Mitchell Wylie gave me my first taste of Scotland with his reminiscing at the dinner table.  Stories of cycling up to Kirkintilloch, drilling holes in his bicycle frame to make it lighter, hideous coffee in the desert of Libya during the war and other anecdotes kept me amused as a child.  Mitchell was a great man to know and undoubtedly his love of Scotland fuelled my own passion for the big hills of the north. The photograph shows Mitchell with his wife Amy at the 1938 'Empire Exhibition' in Glasgow.  His ashes now lie on the east shore of Loch Lomond in the land of his birth.fellwalking-boots