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Tubular Fells Desktop PCAll information in the Tubular Walks section on this site is given in the knowledge that it may be of use to others interested in the great outdoors.  Whilst every attempt is made to ensure it is as accurate as possible the author cannot give absolute credence to the suitability of any information provided and you should not rely solely upon any such information.  If in doubt take further advice.

Please bear in mind that links on this site access information outside the jurisdication of Tubular Fells.  The description, with or without a map, of a route on this website is not meant to signify a right of way.  Also, any advice given is to be accepted at the discretion of the reader and Tubular Fells cannot take responsibility for any actions taken by third parties as a result of any information gleaned from this website.

Whilst the author has taken great care to ensure that the information on this website is accurate we accept no liability for injury, loss or damages incurred by those using any information from the Tubular Fells website.

Walking in the Lake District or elsewhere can be dangerous especially for the inexperienced or in bad weather. It is the walker's responsibility to be properly prepared and kitted out for walking in a mountain environment.  Walkers should always carry a map and compass when on the mountains and know how to use them.  At the express request of the LDSAMRA always leave a route card to outline your day's intended route on the mountains. If you do follow one of the routes in the Tubular Walks' section please ensure that you have planned the route yourself beforehand using the appropriate maps and have a suitable guidebook at hand where necessary.  Do not rely on the routes to be absolutely accurate as landscape features and routes are subject to change, due to factors such as removal or damage to bridges, deforestation and the like.

Remember, in an emergency dial 999 or 112 and ask for 'Police' (not Mountain Rescue), give your name, telephone number and location, your notes, map make and number. STAY BY THE PHONE and await further instruction.

Tubular Fells

28 March 2013
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