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Tubular Walks

wainwright-guidesHere you will find information about 7 walks which have been inspired by Tubular Fells.  The walks not only visit features identified on the map such as Jos Naylor's cairn, but also venture into some of the less well known areas included by Alfred Wainwright in his 214 fell list.  Despite many walk routes being busy and crowded even on weekdays, it is hoped that these 7 routes will take you to places that you might not have previously considered.  What are you waiting for, set out on a Tubular Walk, but remember, please don't use Tubular Fells for navigation!

Book 1 - The Eastern Fells - Raise

Parking up in Glenridding entices many fellwalkers onto the heady slopes of Helvellyn.  However, for a change, why not take a walk into the Eastern Fells to seek out Lakeland's permanent fixed ski-tow and to see at first hand some of the areas relics of mining.

Book 2 - The Far Eastern Fells - Branstree

These are some of Lakeland's less frequented mountains.  Forming a buffer zone to the Howgills and Yorkshire Dales to the east, these fells are a little less Lakeland in character to what many walkers are used to.  However, this walk up Branstree from Swinside has all the characteristics for a fine mountain day with a visit to one of Lakeland's few mountain bothies all backed by a bleak windswept landscape more akin to some parts of Scotland.

Book 3 - The Central Fells - High Raise

High Raise is often overlooked in favour of the shapely Langdale Pikes to the south or larger giants like Fairfield to the east.  For those venturing west of Grasmere however, there are some fine ridges to negotiate, with hidden tarns, craggy knolls and fantastic vistas to appreciate.

Book 4 - The Southern Fells - Bowfell

Say, 'Bowfell' to most walkers and images of Great Langdale and the Old Dungeon Ghylll, spring to mind.  Most ascents of Bowfell take in a long slog up 'The Band', so why not attack this Lakeland giant from a new angle and take in some very unfamiliar territory along the way?

Book 5 - The Northern Fells - Latrigg

Placed here to honour the 'platform access' icon on the Tubular Fells map, Latrigg now has access for those in wheelchairs, or children's pushchairs for that matter.  It might not be everybody's idea for a grand day out, but if you have only an hour or so to spend, then the magnificent panorama from Latrigg is a real must and reminds one of headier days in the high fells.

Book 6 - The North Western Fells - Lord's Seat

The fells west of Bassenthwaite Lake are as much worthy an ascent as some of the craggier peaks in Lakeland.  Generally the slopes hereabouts are grassier and once on the ridges many miles can be eaten up by a walker's gaiting stride.

Book 7 - The Western Fells - Seatallan

The views of Wast Water and The Screes, as well as Scafell and the Pikes are spectacular on this route.  Take it from Jos Naylor, when he suggests that this is one of his favourite fells and if you're lucky you might just catch a glance of him as he heads out for some exercise from his nearby home.

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Western Fells - Seat Allan
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