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Free from the Fells Tubular Walks

Free From the Fells

tubular-walks-logoApart from seven free downloadable walks that take in some of the features on the Tubular Fells map, this section of the website includes a free downloadable route card recommended by LDSAMRA, desktop wallpapers and calendars as well as links to the video content on the site.  Please come back in the future to download more routes as they change as well as exciting competitions and offers for Tubular Fells.  If you have any contributions to make, please get in touch.

Tubular Walks

wainwright-guidesHere you will find information about 7 walks which have been inspired by Tubular Fells.  The walks not only visit features identified on the map such as Jos Naylor's cairn, but also venture into some of the less well known areas included by Alfred Wainwright in his 214 fell list.  Despite many walk routes being busy and crowded even on weekdays, it is hoped that these 7 routes will take you to places that you might not have previously considered.  What are you waiting for, set out on a Tubular Walk, but remember, please don't use Tubular Fells for navigation!


Western Fells - Seat Allan
Click each of AW's guides for each of 7 walks - revisit for regular updates and reader contributions!