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Youtubular FellsWelcome to YouTubular. This page shows all the video presentations produced for the 'Tubular Fells' website and embedded from YouTube.  The videos are visible on different pages on the site, but for ease of access they are all listed here.

The presentations, mainly compiled by Peter Burgess, include various images both from his own archive and from those via the world wide web.  Over time he will be adding to these presentations and will tweet via the Tubular Fells' tweet in order to notify their inclusion.  To read and subscribe to the Tubular Tweets go to the 'News' page.

Youtubular VideoTubular Fells Advert - A presentation including images from the Central Line on the London Underground, combined with images from the Oxenholme to Windermere line. This is an advertisement piece hoping to raise the profile of Tubular Fells online. Please feel free to share this video or even embed it within your own site.

Youtubular VideoHigh Speed Ratty! - This track takes an amusing and lighthearted ride on the La'al Ratty narrow gauge railway.  This railway which runs up Eskdale to the very foothills of the Cumbrian Mountains is the only real life railway featured on the Tubular Fells map.

Youtubular Video'Fix the Fells 2011' - Click the title to see an audio visual presentations about Fix the Fells produced by David Browne.  This film includes what causes the erosion, what Fix the Fells do and ways you can help to reduce footpath erosion whilst out on the fells.

Fixed Fells!The Paths are Fixed! - Click the title to see an audio visual presentation showing the amazing work done by the path fixing teams on the upland paths. In these eight examples, images show the sections of path before and after the work - amazing!