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New Map of the Scottish Munros

MunrOverground Available Now!

Following in the wake of Tubular Fells, a map based on the iconic works of Harry Beck (designer of the London tube map) and Alfred Wainwright (Lakeland artist and author), Peter Burgess has embarked on a new design voyage into the hills of Scotland.  Less familiar than his homeland fells, there were many who called for a new map design that incorporated the higher and more prevalent hills north of the border.  Initially cautious about the resultant visual appearance of the map, Peter finally dived head first into the project. Geographically, the Munros cover a vast area and there distribution is less compact than their English cousins.  Peter realised that the map would be far less tubelike and more national rail network.

It looks really fabulous!
Cameron McNeish, Outdoors Writer & Broadcaster

MunrOverground map of the Scottish hillsFor those of you already familiar with 'Tubular Fells' then the topological concept behind his new map will already be apparent.  In essence he has mapped all 283 of Scotland's 3000' peaks using topology but in a way that creates a quasi-surreal rail network.  The resultant Lakeland map emulates the famous Harry Beck design of London's underground, whilst the new Scottish creation has a larger areal distribution and less compact feel than the Lakeland version.  In this way, Peter knew even before planning it, that the Munro map would look much more like a larger national rail network rather than that belonging in one city.  Again, after fishing around for an equally quirky name for the map like Mark Richard's genius of 'Tubular Fells', another friend of Peters came up trumps. The name 'MunrOverground' was mentioned one day by James HoyeOn the Fort William to Mallaig line, who helps Peter with this website and after discussing other ideas this name has stuck.  It might scare some people to think of the overlap between urban and mountain, but MunrOverground really hopes to pay homage to the high mountains of Scotland.  As someone from the British Library stated on Twitter, "Your map is so wrong, it's right!".  I think this sums up the whole feel of the cartography which strays a long way from the norm.  What's more, the map isn't just a Geographical examination, but a real exploration of one of the world's greatest landscapes. Also incorporated into the design is a tick list which should prove useful to the Munro 'bagger' who wants to keep track of their ascended hills.

Many may also be pleased to know that both the John Muir Trust and Scottish Mountain Rescue will benefit from sales of the map.  If the success of Tubular Fells is anything to go by, then it's hoped that fantastic donations can be made to both these groups as the map sales progress.  Seventy five pence will be given to each charity from the sale of every single map.

I just love these maps with original design, blending iconic concept with love of our wild places.
Stuart Brooks, Chief Exec. of the John Muir Trust

Like the first map in the series, if you're still not convinced, then do investigate more of the website with background information about MunrOverground as well as lots of other interesting information on its production.  There are downloadable walks, desktop wallpaper, a list of stockists, videos shown on the site and lots more.  Peter will be adding his first Scottish walk in a week or so and hopes to continue adding more.  Get in touch if you have your own walk he can add to this site.  If you do nothing more, then please use some of the free resources - we promise you'll enjoy them.

Youtubular Fells Advert MunrOverground Advert - CLICK THE CAMERA TO VIEW. A presentation including images from the Cairngorm Mountain Railway.  Environmentally some may not like the Cairngorm Mountain Railway, but it does link rail and hill inextricably. This is an advertisement piece hoping to raise the profile of MunrOverground online. Please feel free to share this video or even embed it within your own site. It's meant to be fun and hopefully present some information about the new map as well.

Tubular Fells NewspaperPress Release and Reviews:
If you would like to produce a published article about the latest map then click the image here to download a press release.  If you would like more information and images then please get in touch.