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MunrOverground Map Specification

The information here gives a resumé of the map including the specification (perhaps for framing purposes) as well as the key features, additional information and a feature list of the items included on the MunrOverground map.

Those interested may like to know more about the map and its general layout:

A small view of the whole mapSpecification:
  • A1-size (841mm × 594mm) poster format.
  • Heavyweight 200gsm paper.
  • 4 Colour Litho printed.
  • Printed in Cumbria.

Key Features:

  • All 283 Munros are listed first identified by Sir Hugh Munro
  • Other features are labelled in navy blue.
  • There are 6 ficticious coloured rail lines corresponding to distinct characteristics of each group of Munros.
  • Six major long distance walking routes are included with the West Highland Way, Great Glen Way, The Speyside Way, Coast to Coast*, The Sutherland Trail* and Skye Trail* all featured.
  • The real lines of the Scottish rail network are depicted in black, including the names of all stations of interest.

Close up view of part of MunrOvergroundAdditional Information:

  • The names of the major lochs covered by the mapping.
  • Some of the larger towns indicated (e.g.Inverness, Fort William & Portree).
  • Ferry and other boat services are shown including approximate journey times.
  • The map is not to scale as it follows topological rules.
  • Unusually north is shown to the top-right allowing the Caledonian Canal to act as the main axis of the map.
  • It must be emphasised the map is NOT intended for navigation.
  • Plan your Munros' conquest and record your progress on the tick list.

Feature List:

MunrOverground map specifications
  • Munro names.
  • All 283 Munros.
  • Main boat services.
  • Each coloured route denotes arbritrary areas of mountains.
  • Full colour key to the information shown.
  • The real Scottish rail network.
  • All major islands of the Inner Hebrides.
  • The coastline of much of western Scotland and more.

Thumbnail images of MunrOverground

Full image of MunrOverground Close-up view of MunrOverground Map key and Munro List

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