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News image for Tubula FellsHere you will find news and views relating to Tubular Fells and other stories and articles we think you may find interesting.  You can also keep up-to-date via the Twitter account, 'Tubular Tweets' with the very latest announcements coming straight from Tubular Fells. We very much hope you will bookmark this site, follow us on Twitter and keep abreast of our latest news.

Moo helps my Moo-tain Sales!

I ventured down to Shoreditch High Street today in order to collect my new business cards.  It was a fun adventure through East London's urban vistas and as usual there was much to see.  Pootling along on the Docklands' Light Railway (DLR) from Beckton is one of my favourite outings, passing through Docklands and City Airport, before boarding the 'Overground' for two stops to Shoreditch High Street.  Many of you might be appalled by such revelations, but to me there is as much interest within the realms of the urban as there is within the mighty architecture of the hills. 


Donating and Volunteering - Fix the Fells

Can a tube fix the fells?This Easter I managed to spend some time in the Lake District.  Visiting the area is particularly rewarding as it always allows me to kill two birds with one stone.  Not only can I spend time with my dear mum who lives in the area, but of course it gives me the excuse to go walking and scrambling on the fells. 


Snowdonia by Topology

Snowmotion - coming soon!There is more information about the new map of Wales in the 'Snowmotion' section above.  However, here is a more formal announcement for the imminent publication of a new map of the Snowdonia National Park.  This Sunday (February 17th), the  finishing touches were added to the new topological interpretation of the Welsh mountains, as the inspirational designer added colour to the seas covering his map. 


"An E-mail from America"

In the latter part of last year I spent a few nights in The Lake District.  A couple of nights at the Wasdale Head Inn was pure magic in an environment that is often the envy of many.  I managed a long day walk, but 12 miles on the fells was experienced predominantly in fog, high winds and for the most part in rain.  Having said that I had a great day, meeting no-one over this distance and comforted by the knowledge that I'd be returning to the warmth of one of the UK's most iconic inns.  One anecdote from my time away is recounted here, it was another wonderful story of how Tubular Fells has brought me so much joy!


The Romance of the Hills

Love of the fells For many the Lake District and Scotland are not just places to go walking or to be at one with the outdoors, but on many hundreds of occasions it's also been the start of a blossoming relationship.  Whether it's the fresh air, the vigorous exercise, the majesty of the hills, some post walk refreshments or perhaps a combination of them all, the Lake District and Scotland have certainly given their blessing to a fair share of loving couples out there!


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The finished copy is, like the Tube map, a masterpiece of design. I find it both informative and amusing, very cleverly put together.
Paddy Dillon, Outdoor Writer

>£10,000 - THANKS!

Since April 2011 'Tubular Fells' has now raised just over £10000! >£10000 raised for Fix the FellsThis is an astounding figure and thanks to everyone who has shown their support by buying the map.  This figure is enough to produce over 100 metres of stone pitched path.  Many thanks to everyone who's purchased the map so far from as far afield as Leeds, London, Canada, Massachusetts, New Zealand and Hawaii!
  • £10-one metre of revegetation alongside a path
  • £25-one tonne of stone moved to site
  • £50-one 25kg bag of special upland grass seed
  • £100-one metre of stone pitched path
  • £250-one stone lined path cross drain
  • £600-one hour of helicopter flying time to move stone