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Tubular Fells' Mugs Hit the Shelves!

Supporting local businessEven before I started selling the map,a teacher friend created a long and almost exhaustive list of the types of merchandise I could create with the map.  It was rather a laugh to compile whilst she was off work, ranging from shower curtains, jigsaws, mouse mats and tea towels!  However, of all the products suggested to me, it was mugs that quickly came to the forefront.  It was never my intention to produce other products but since the success of Tubular Fells there has been such a demand from people asking for other products to be made linked to the brand. A.Wainwright:"By Alpine standards they are of modest altitude but offer rich rewards in exciting situations. They are a perfect cure for urban depression."The New Set of MugsAs someone who has purchased mugs on his own visits around the world, I quite liked the challenge of designing a whole new set of images which would take each of Wainwright's 7 guides and one which would include the whole map. There are of course seven pictorial guides and so each one is produced onto a mug using the original lines from the Tubular Fells map as a guide.  The eighth design incorporates the whole map without any text except for a great Wainwright quote and some of my favourite fells randomly used as a faint background.  The designs are of course, like the original, a little out of the ordinary and they certainly won't make me a millionaire, but it's been great fun to produce them and hopefully enable people to relive some of their great days on the fells as they sit at home drinking a grand cup of tea or sip their hot chocolate before they retire off to bed.  I don't want to create a vision of weary old timers here, but I think we all enjoy a good cup of whatever takes our fancy.

WHERE CAN I BUY THE MUGS? Up until Christmas 2011 the National Trust shop and information centre in Grasmere has exclusivity over the mugs and each one retails at £8.50.  I do hope you can support the venture and oh, if you want a full set of 8 - they're £68!  I've got a personal bet that no-one does that, but then again I've been proven wrong before about some tube map of the fells I designed!  Anyway, whatever materialises, I hope you like the mugs and that they'll become a permanent addition to the Tubular Fells brand. The NT shop is found opposite the famous Sarah Nelson Gingerbread shop next to the church.  Visit the NT website for more information on Grasmere <CLICK HERE>

N.B. Since launching Tubular Fells, Peter has been keen to support local independent businesses.  Apart from selling his map via various independent outlets, he ensured that the mugs were designed and printed in Cumbria at AS Design where young Cumbrian entrepreneur Adam Ross has been busy producing the mugs. Many thanks to him and to all those who are planning to purchase the mugs.

After meeting you I bought your Tubular Fells map at the shop next to the Wasdale Head Inn and fell in love with it.
John Trish, Massachusetts

>£10,000 - THANKS!

Since April 2011 'Tubular Fells' has now raised just over £10000! >£10000 raised for Fix the FellsThis is an astounding figure and thanks to everyone who has shown their support by buying the map.  This figure is enough to produce over 100 metres of stone pitched path.  Many thanks to everyone who's purchased the map so far from as far afield as Leeds, London, Canada, Massachusetts, New Zealand and Hawaii!
  • £10-one metre of revegetation alongside a path
  • £25-one tonne of stone moved to site
  • £50-one 25kg bag of special upland grass seed
  • £100-one metre of stone pitched path
  • £250-one stone lined path cross drain
  • £600-one hour of helicopter flying time to move stone