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BBC Radio Cumbria - Interviews

This article features the interviews carried out for BBC Radio Cumbria and which feature Tubular Fells.  The interviews include Kevin Fernihough, Dan Chisholm and Sally Moon, all of BBC Radio Cumbria.  The article features information on the map, input from Neil Winder and feedback from all the developments from the map.  It was thought appropriate to archive these interviews in one place for future reference. Since being launched in April 2011, Tubular Fells has continually surprised its creator by the response shown to the map.  From the initial concerns about whether he would sell his initial print run of 1000, Tubular Fells has nowbeen purchased to the grand sum of 6000 copies.  Incredibly, this has been the result of a chance meeting at the Outdoors Show with the Fix the fells under the auspices of Neil Winder and through the maps sale both online via this website and over 20 shops in Lakeland and elsewhere.

This page has been created to archive the interviews carried out by BBC Radio Cumbria.  It is hoped that as questions are asked about the structuring of BBC local radio, many more of you might listen in the BBC Radio Cumbria, both at home in Lakeland, or if you're further afield via live feeds from the BBC iplayer website.  The radio station us accessible via the iplayer link here.  The player should open in a new window.

This is the first of two interviews that will appear over the coming days.  Click the interviewer text and wait for a new window to appear:

With Kevin Fernihough - This was the first interview with Peter Burgess for BBC Radio Cumbria by Kevin Fernihough back in May. The enjoyable interview runs for 9 minutes and Kevin asks Peter about the ideas behind his map, how it came about as well as asking him about his other project, The Online Fellwalking Club.

With Dan Chisholm - This first interview is from Wednesday November 30th 2011 and was carried out in response to the first £6000 being presented to Fix the Fells as a result of sales from Tubular Fells.  The interview was performed on BBC Radio Cumbria by Dan Chisholm.

With Sally Moon - This interview is from Thursday 1st December 2011.  Neil Winder is interviewed for BBC Radio Cumbria by Sally Moon. After an excerpt from Peter's previous interview, Neil Winder explains the important work carried out by Fix the Fells.

N.B. The final interview from earlier this year will be added later this week - keep an eye out for notifications via Twitter and Facebook

What a great creation!  I think it's amazing – it must have taken you a long time and a lot of dedication!
Phoebe Smith, Features Editor, Trail Magazine

>£10,000 - THANKS!

Since April 2011 'Tubular Fells' has now raised just over £10000! >£10000 raised for Fix the FellsThis is an astounding figure and thanks to everyone who has shown their support by buying the map.  This figure is enough to produce over 100 metres of stone pitched path.  Many thanks to everyone who's purchased the map so far from as far afield as Leeds, London, Canada, Massachusetts, New Zealand and Hawaii!
  • £10-one metre of revegetation alongside a path
  • £25-one tonne of stone moved to site
  • £50-one 25kg bag of special upland grass seed
  • £100-one metre of stone pitched path
  • £250-one stone lined path cross drain
  • £600-one hour of helicopter flying time to move stone