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Snowdonia by Topology

Snowmotion - coming soon!There is more information about the new map of Wales in the 'Snowmotion' section above.  However, here is a more formal announcement for the imminent publication of a new map of the Snowdonia National Park.  This Sunday (February 17th), the  finishing touches were added to the new topological interpretation of the Welsh mountains, as the inspirational designer added colour to the seas covering his map. 
Peter at the BBC in London!'Snowmotion' is again the brainchild of Peter Burgess, after renewed calls for a third map to finish the mountain triumvirate of England, Scotland and Wales.  If you catch Peter alone, he'll profess about his enthusiasm to produce a version of his quirky mapping for the Rocky Mountains in the USA.  It took e-mails, phone calls, messages via Twitter and Facebook fans' encouragement before the cartographer again stalled his American vision and turned his attention a little nearer to home.  As with MunrOverground, Peter was not in familiar territory as he began to map the whole of Wales, before quickly turning his sights to a smaller area he could readily manage.  "My vision was to map the whole of Wales, but within a fortnight I realised that such a map would not possess the fluent mapping that a smaller area like the Snowdonia National Park would provide.  Combined with my inferior knowledge of the country, it seemed better to concentrate on an area I knew and which would provide comparison with Tubular Fells which of course maps Alfred Wainwright's 214 Lakeland fells," the map designer announced.

"It's been a really thrilling map to produce and as I know some of the mountains in question really well, I felt very confident that the Snowdonia map would work.  I've had great fun adding the eight 'little railways' which are encompassed by the map and I hope that those people who also enjoy those fantastic rail lines, as well as the mountains, enjoy the new creation," said Peter.

Eryri drwy'r tiwb or Snowdonia by Tube is a fascinating topological exploration of Snowdonia's mountains over 2000 feet and Peter decided to use the Nuttall mountain list as the ideal variable to identify all the mountains to include.  There are many other features incorporated into the map, including the real mainline railways, many towns and villages and the coastline.  Other interesting features are also mapped including long distance routes, major lakes and the National Park boundary.

The final mapLike MunrOverground, the map is very detailed and as with his other two maps, includes the name of Harry Beck (London tube map designer) hidden away in the image.  The name of Wales' most famous surveyor has also been squirreled away in the design, so it's a fun game to see if you can spot the name of one of the nation's most famous sons made famous by the World's highest mountain!

There is much more information about the new map on this website, including how it got its quirky name off commentator and broadcaster Eric Robson and specification details.  Please check out the links above.  If you would like to keep up-to-date about the publication of the map, then follow Tubular Fells (@tubularfells) on Twitter and check out the Facebook page which both announce updates as they happen.  An order form will also be provided very soon so that those amongst you can pre-order the map and receive one of 100 signed personally by the designer himself.  Peter says that by Antiques' Roadshow 4200 A.D. the map should be a real heirloom!  Pob hwyl.
That is just brilliant! 
M. Sutcliffe, Editor of Lakeland Walker Magazine

>£10,000 - THANKS!

Since April 2011 'Tubular Fells' has now raised just over £10000! >£10000 raised for Fix the FellsThis is an astounding figure and thanks to everyone who has shown their support by buying the map.  This figure is enough to produce over 100 metres of stone pitched path.  Many thanks to everyone who's purchased the map so far from as far afield as Leeds, London, Canada, Massachusetts, New Zealand and Hawaii!
  • £10-one metre of revegetation alongside a path
  • £25-one tonne of stone moved to site
  • £50-one 25kg bag of special upland grass seed
  • £100-one metre of stone pitched path
  • £250-one stone lined path cross drain
  • £600-one hour of helicopter flying time to move stone