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Tubular Fells is continuing the tradition of donating some monies from map sales appropriate to the area encompassed by each map.  It seemed logical, with the publication of 'Snowmotion', to forward £1 from each sale to Cymdeithas Achub Mynydd Gogledd Cymru/ North Wales Mountain Rescue Association which includes famous teams such as Llanberis and Ogwen Valley.  Of course, as elsewhere, there are less well-known teams but equally deserving and services that encompass all the teams such as the Search and Rescue Dogs Association. It seemed appropriate to forward monies to the organisation who could more fittingly utilise funds in a way which would benefit the area.

Mountain Search and Rescue Services in England and Wales are provided under the auspices of the Mountain Rescue Committee of Britain in conjunction with the Police, who, in the main, mobilise and co-ordinate the Search and rescue efforts of the rescue organisations.  It is important for all of us to remember that all members of Mountain Rescue are volunteers who give up their time freely - THEY ARE NOT PAID.  This is not only for training and call-outs, but for mundane tasks such as base and vehicle maintenance, and routine equipment checks.  Many members of teams are ordinary citizens like yourself including teachers, doctors and shopkeepers.

The North Wales Mountain rescue Association (N.W.M.R.A.) was formed in May, 1973, in order to formalise the existing Mountain Rescue system in North Wales. It consists of the following Search and Rescue teams:-

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation    
Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team
South Snowdonia Search and Rescue    
Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team
North East Wales Search and Rescue    
Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Team at Valley
Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team    
North Wales Cave Rescue Association
SARDA (Wales)    
Holyhead Cliff Rescue Team    
Llandudno Auxiliary Coastguard Rescue Team

Llanberis MRT Land RoverIn buying Snowmotion you are helping to support the work of the aforementioned organisations and assisting these volunteers who give their time freely and selflessly to help those in trouble on the hills.  I am sure you will admit that all MRT organisations do a brilliant job and operate both efficiently and professionally in some of the most extreme conditions.  It is comforting to know that if the need ever arose, then these brilliant men and women will be at your beck and call.  If you would like to see images from one such rescue then follow the link below to observe conditions experienced by Llanberis MRT in the winter conditions of 2013:
Youtubular VideoMountain Rescue on Snowdon March 2013 - Mountain Rescue are happy to help fellow mountaineers when they over stretch themselves in their adventures or are simply unlucky, but they also try and educate others to prevent people having an unnecessary epic! Thats the purpose of this video, so please share and spread the word.  Llanberis MRT have not published this video to criticise those being rescued.  As team members they are all climbers, mountaineers and enjoy the mountains themselves and of course could also need the services of their colleagues in the MRT.