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The New Map of the Lakes

Welcome to the New Map of the English Lake District

Inspired by nearly 20 years of London life, linked with his own love of the fells, Peter Burgess geographer and teacher, has now created a topological map of Alfred Wainwright's 214 fells, akin to the London Underground map devised by engineering draughtsman, Harry Beck in 1931.  More recently he has also completed a design for a new map of the Scottish Munros.  Peter is also the founder of the Online Fellwalking Club, an Internet based walking group set up during the Foot & Mouth crisis of 2001.  He has walked the fells of Lakeland for most of his life, is a founder member of the Wainwright Society and has recently become a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

I am really impressed with The Tubular Fells map!
K. Mears, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland

For those new to Tubular Fells, after an initial curiosity, it soon becomes apparent as to the subject matter portrayed.  Each 'Wainwright' fell is clearly labelled in black with its name and the colour of the ‘tube’ lines corresponds to the colours used in the seven 'Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells'.  The map is not intended to be a navigational aid, far from it, but a novelty piece of graphic artwork uniquely illustrating the English Lake District and its famous fells or mountains.  Peter is sure that his creation, suitably entitled 'Tubular Fells', will be a great talking point and willing addition to the fellwalking enthusiast's home.  Walking through Hopper Quarry, HonisterTo get a taste of 'Tubular Fells' and to see some of Peter's own inspiration, then you'd do no better than to watch the 2 minutes of images and video accessible via the link below, before going on to read about the story of 'Tubular Fells' on the rest of the website, accessible via the appropriate links at the top of this page.


If you're still not convinced, then do investigate more of the website with background information on its production and even a whole section of goodies entitled 'Free from the Fells'.  This section includes downloadable walks, desktop wallpaper, a list of stockists, videos shown on the site and lots more.  If you do nothing more, then please use some of the free resources - we promise you'll enjoy them.  More recently there is information concerning the latest map in the 'MunrOverground' section on this site.


Youtubular Fells Advert Tubular Fells Advert - A presentation including images from the Central Line on the London Underground, combined with images from the Oxenholme to Windermere line and the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway. This is an advertisement piece hoping to raise the profile of Tubular Fells online. Please feel free to share this video or even embed it within your own site.